Self-Funded Prescription Benefit Management for TPA’s

MediBenefits is passionate about our Third Party Administrator relationships. We work with you, for you, so that together we can determine the best possible plans for your self-funded clients and best of all, all of our plans are completely customizable depending on the need of your client's plan. At Phoenix, we are here for you. We consider it our business to provide the best prescription benefit options; options that you will not only want to extend to your clients but encourage them to use.

Managed Care

Our Managed Care plans are tailor-made for each client. After all, you know their needs best so we listen to and create a plan that works in the very best interest of your client. With a simple and straightforward transaction-based fee structure, the MediBenefits Managed Care system, a system that focuses on saving your clients' money, is simply one you can trust. We also understand how important tracking and reporting is. So when you partner with MediBenefits you will also receive access to state of the art reporting as well as supply you and your team with all the raw data necessary that best supports your clients' needs.

We have also developed a completely innovative dashboard technology, Informed Edge, which gives you and your clients’ access to their plan's drug utilization information. From showing generic versus brand utilization, top 10 drugs by therapeutic class and cost, to a detailed report of member demographics and more, our dashboard gives them the information they need to make the best decisions for their employees and company. And, with a nationwide network of all major pharmacies, your clients are sure to have the peace of mind that their employees will have access to their medications. Wherever they are. Whenever they need them.